Everything happens for a reason (darthtunaqueen) wrote in dykes_on_bikes,
Everything happens for a reason

Women's riding leathers

We all know how hard it is to find riding leathers that fit. For you, women, I have a solution!

One of my riding friends just started out making women's riding gear (she was incredibly frustrated with the lack of available riding gear). She made samples and me and another fellow rider modelled them for her. Her company doesn't have a name yet, but that will come soon! All her gear is leather with really nice padding. She can custom tailor it, and it LOOKS GOOD. It's also really comfy to wear and will come in a variety of styles once she finishes creating them all. Her gear is high quality. She has TONS of experience doing this type of work, so she knows how to sew it and make it last. I should also mention that it fits REAL women, women who are short but have major curves, women who are tall and flat chested, women who are bigger in some areas than others. This gear is not simply a "smaller size with bigger chest and bigger hips" than men's riding leathers. This stuff actually fits!

But here are the pictures!!! I'm in the black/silver jacket!

I will post up when I have her site address (it's not finished yet). Cheerio!
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