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I <3 NewEnough!

[cross-posted to motorcycles, bitchesonbikes and shadowriderhope]

I just got my Tour Master Women's "Advanced Sport" Textile Jacket and I LOVE IT!!! A $259 jacket for $59 - probably the best deal I've ever got. ;)

It actually fits me - the arms fit, the torso is the right length, and it doesn't ride up around my ears**! OK, it's a *little* bit tight at the waist, but that shouldn't be a problem. :)

I shouldn't have to get this excited over finding actual women's gear that fits and is well-made, but - ah well.

*dances around in circles*

And the Held Storm Gloves are pretty cool, too, and fit perfectly. :)

**Unlike my Joe Rocket Ballistic (men's), which is almost unusable... hey, anyone want to buy a size men's L red Joe Rocket Ballistic jacket, like in my icon? More details and photos available if you want.
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