butchyvegan (butchyvegan) wrote in dykes_on_bikes,

Feel free to add me

Since I just started my LJ up and would like to make some friends, I figured I
would start here.
Here is a quick run down...you can look at profile for other info!
I will talk openly and bluntly about what is going on in my life and
I am non-judgmental and will friend any one that asks.
I am not into drama!
I love to read, and all the other stuff in my bio and interests!!
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Feel free to add me as well. I enjoy reading, poetry, and tattoos (and motorcycles, obviously) as well :-)
sounds good
Hi and welcome to the world of LJ.
I don't post much in my own journal but read a lot of communities like this one.
What kind of scoot do you have or want?
Kawaski Z750 SR
Kawaski Vulcan 500cc
Honda Aero 750
Nice stable ya'got there :-)
Mine's a Vulcan 750, love my vulcan.
How do you pick which one to ride ;-)
feel free to add me im a 27 year old lesbian I like bikes but dont have one just a 78 puch moped
Added you back, you seem cool!
Sign me up. Kim
added back
Hello there. I too, am new to 'LJ'ing (a widow to my wife's dedicaton to QAF interests). So I thought I'd give it a go. I'm not looking for anything more than textual communication where I can talk about my (and your) interests or thoughts as I'm very happy in my relationship with my wife (it's our 8th anniversary today). Just for the record, I'm not homophobic either.
To tell you a brief bit about me, I'm 45, have just enrolled at university to do Bachelor in Psychology (having dine 1st year of a BSc (Nursing), I ride a BMW R100CS (I'll send you a pic if you're interested), I love anything that's original, alternative, unique, and people who love to be individuals. I love music, photography, cooking (particularly with pastries and dough) art, etc, etc.
What about you? What bike do you have?
Looks like we might have a bit in common, and I'm trying to put myself out there to make new friends too.

Feel free to check out my profile, if you want.
ya know,
I don't know any butchy biker vegans.
I'd like to.
Feel free to add