IndigoTea (indigotea) wrote in dykes_on_bikes,

Babies, Charity Auctions, and Art - Wow!

Hiya! Man, lots of things happening right now! I've got a new granddaughter due to be born any time now, and we've tallied the votes for the 2008 Urban Biker Goddesses, we've updated the eCards section to include the winners, and we've got more news on the dates for the Helmet Hair Magazine charity auction. Oh - AND WE'RE HAVING A SALE ON THE 2008 CALENDARS!

The calendars will ship starting November 1 - plenty of time to get them in for holiday gift-giving. This is a bike calendar that won't get those red-faced looks over too much "T&A" - just 12 months of my vision of the strength and beauty of women who ride. Cruisers, sport bikes, vintage - all are represented!

The retail price will be $14.99 + $2.00 S&H - but if you order between now and October 20, you can use the promo code "PRESALE" to get them for just $10.99 + $2.00 S&H!

Now, because all of you are so awesome, we're also providing a *free* eCard service, featuring the top 12 voted Urban Biker Goddess art pieces. Send someone you know a UBG eCard! You can send and receive the eCards at

Helmet Hair Magazine has just posted the dates for the Helmet Hair Moto Art Charity Auction to benefit the WIMA project - the auctions will begin on November 9, so be sure to bid for charity - go to for more details - and the piece I've donated is on the front page!

Well, that's all for the moment - just remember to order early to get the best price on the UBG calendars, and let me know if you have any questions!

~Carole Bennett (aka IndigoTea) - for the 4.3 million women who ride!
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